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Based on our experience and quality standards that we have implemented, we are motivated to believe that our access on the domestic and foreign manufacturing market is our main objective, illustrating here the commercial relationship we have with leading companies from Europe and Romania.




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AVANZA SOLUTII SRL was established pursuant to a marketing study undertook by a team composed of specialists in applied mechanics and electrical equipment and it settled its logistic center in Rm. Valcea, Romania. The main activity is the production of industrial air-conditioning and ventilation systems (with a wide range of applicability in the rail transportation), from design, execution, assembly and securing of the equipment.


To offer integrated products such as sub-assemblies for industrial clients with quality services at customer and market specified requirements, scrupulously respecting the time of delivery, providing a market competitve price.

Other activities carried out (briefly)

  • Design and manufacture air-conditioning systems
  • Design and manufacture electrical routes
  • Design and manufacture panels and boards of force command
  • Assurance of technical assistance, service and warranty
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  • Panou de siguranta
  • Cabluri

    Low and medium voltage conductors for air conditioning and ventilation equipment.

  • Centru de comanda

    Design and execution of the command center for railway equipment

  • Panouri

    Electric and distribution panels for the railway systems